your hair has a unique texture, a natural pattern that forms. most often seen after hair is "air dried" with minimal product.


this tid-bit of information opens the door to possibilities + solutions.  


connecting your personal #hairgoals with professional direction allows full creativity + execution in your hair cut. 

are you a curly girl embracing your natural texture?

do you struggle with your wavy hair

Is #shorthair your favorite hashtag? scroll endlessly looking at #lobs

#bobs + #pixies ?

let us connect


it's been said "...he who works with his hands + his head + his heart is an artist."  hair color should include all 3 elements.

we take a different approach for the best results. 

we consider your color from the past, in the present + #goals for your future. these 3 elements give us our color map.

keeping your color professional


 want to step out of the box? (highly encouraged)

fancy the #unicornhair?

need a bold change?

or a soft one?  

discuss a must!





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" i am going to make everything around me beautiful. that will be my life."

- elsie de wolfe

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