I have always seen things differently than most, 

particularly creatively. My sense of style began in coloring my own hair the brightest blonde in my teens. It was this outward transformation that gave me inner self confidence + direction.

This experience is how I found my  a n c h o r in hairdressing. A connection

that has evolved over the last 17 years. 


As a stylist, my passion is cutting, shaping, coloring + styling hair in harmony with individual natural hair texture. I look for the natural bend in

 curls + waves, Working with the pattern. I adore the fact that we were given this variety in nature + this simple fact is why my focus in cutting hair is a little different. Over time I have acquired knowledge

in cutting hair according to the natural pattern present + continue to invest specifically

in curly hair education. 


  I am forever a gatherer of information, memories + quotes, who travels as often as possible. My camera has made me look at the world differently.

  I value authenticity + meaningful conversation. It has been noted that I never repeat a conversation twice in my chair. Your experience in my world will be one with inquisitive questions,

open communication + mad rad hair.

 I hope we can connect soon.        

my personal message to you:



let's do what we love + do a lot of it.


stay social.


your social  media deserves to look as rad as you do!  i believe  e v e r y  human has a good side + it deserves to be captured. i want you to have tangible evidence of how rad hair can make you feel.  by utilizing our surroundings we can capture your new social media contact photo. have an iPhone? update your contact photo with a creative shot.  this is only the beginning of us documenting our journey together. 

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" i am going to make everything around me beautiful. that will be my life."

- elsie de wolfe